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Song: "Auto ohne Dach"

What is sound?

Why do we get goosebumps when we listen to our favourite songs – it’s just a frequency hitting our eardrum, right?  Why do we feel some extreme emotion or mood shift when doing this simple therapy of plugging in our earpods or turning up our speakers at home.

I bet, at least once, you have listened to a song and it gave you motivation. For example, when you needed that extra tip of energy working out. Or did you ever experienced the extrodinary miracle of sound, when some frequencies helped you to shift your mood from bad to good in a state where you felt lonely or sad before? Music gives us a sense of belonging and sound is lifechanging through its answers it gives us in a subconscious way.

Sound is here to inspire, it is here to connect and sound is here to communicate.

You are here because I delivered a message to you. You are here because you heared my music and your interest spiked when hearing those frequencies.  You are here because we communicated in the universal language everybody understands – MUSIC.

Hey, I’m Paul and I love making music. The sounds leaving our speakers and entering our ears daily, touch me anew everyday and give me deep feelings of positivity and belonging in my personal life. I believe in the magic of music, in the magic of sound and rhythm and in the yet undiscovered opportunites delivered through our second sense.

For over ten years I have been making productions mainly with FL-Studio and Ableton. Already as a child I learned to play the Spanish guitar and the electric guitar. Later, I also started playing the piano on which I’m still refining my technique.

When producing, I often implement those two instruments into my creations. Combined with my fantasy these two factors forge my sound. I don’t set myself any limits when I produce, since the sound guides me towards a result. The sound has its own fantasy, I implement mine too and adapt to it. What would be music without fantasy? I often produce sounds that I didn’t intend to create at all. Those sounds send me into a deep state of peace, vitality and balance.

And sound, especially musical compositions, is here to be used. This is why I make beats for YOU. I invite you to join me, creating a different age of music, something new.  I invite you to overcome limits, you have set yourself when making your music, by helping you out or simply inspiring you. I invite you to enter this business with a new, better perspective on music making, where we all have a chance to be heared. Please, be be my guest!

If you wish to create something new together, contact me (at: and let’s have an inspiring conversation in advance about your own personal sound and needs. If you feel the need for an impulse instead, browse through my beatstore and get yourself a piece of my collection.

I offer a fully functional beatstore with secure ssl-certificated payments via various payment methods for an affordable price. Getting started in the music business should be easy. That’s why I created the Basic MP3 License for $19,99. EVERYBODY must have access to high quality music beats to fullfill their dream of landing a hit.

I provide those sounds, because I want to support all musicans, small and big, in moving forward with their projects or just giving them a kickstart. My musical beats are meant to give impulses to performencers like singers and rappers. A good beat automatically tells the performer how to react to it. And then the flow hits all by itself.

If you need some more extra help, let me produce a custom beat for you or let me handle the whole production. In addition to that, I offer mixing and mastering services for all your files, so that your music sounds sharp enough to compete with the musical standars out there.

I’m looking forward working together with you! 

~ Yours, Paul